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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 46.8%

A:   174   Joined
B:   198   Not Joined


•   Stephen A. Lonien  9/25
•   Toni M. Laplante (Tredal)  9/27
•   Roger A. Newman  9/28
•   Thomas L. Booth  9/30
•   L. Jean Johnson (Johnson)  9/30
•   Linda L. Wells (Capeti)  9/30
•   Colleen M. Selleck (Sathre)  10/1
•   Lawrence T. Dawson  10/2
•   Erna M. Austin (Noren)  10/9
•   Harvey G. Lindeman  10/9
•   Carol Jean Johnson (Hayes)  10/14
•   Michael E. Perrault  10/15
•   Charles P. Cole  10/17
•   Idelle H. Sabes (Walton)  10/20
•   Darlene M. Stimpson (McFeters)  10/21
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•   Sharon L. Linke (Kuehn)  9/20
•   Darlene M. Stimpson (McFeters)  9/4
•   Julee A. Swenson (Immerfall)  8/26
•   Thomas A. Winiecki  8/21
•   James S. Marchand  8/20
•   Bonita G. Karth (Tubman)  8/14
•   Shirlee D. Remmers (Thompson)  8/13
•   Fred Krohn  8/12
•   Charles P. Cole  8/11
•   Judith A. Kortas (McHugo)  8/9
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Who lives where - click links below to find out.

8 live in Arizona
2 live in Arkansas
12 live in California
5 live in Colorado
13 live in Florida
4 live in Georgia
2 live in Hawaii
1 lives in Idaho
5 live in Illinois
2 live in Iowa
1 lives in Kansas
1 lives in Kentucky
1 lives in Maine
2 live in Maryland
231 live in Minnesota
4 live in Missouri
3 live in Montana
1 lives in Nebraska
2 live in Nevada
3 live in New Mexico
1 lives in New York
1 lives in North Carolina
1 lives in North Dakota
1 lives in Oklahoma
5 live in Oregon
1 lives in Pennsylvania
2 live in South Carolina
3 live in South Dakota
8 live in Texas
4 live in Virginia
5 live in Washington
18 live in Wisconsin
1 lives in Bahamas
1 lives in Germany
1 lives in Mexico
1 lives in United Kingdom
6 location unknown
62 are deceased



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Class of 1964


 It's been one month since OUR 50TH YEAR REUNION... a night to remember!  We'll start planning our 70TH BIRTHDAY PARTY this January!  We want YOU to help us plan our party...(details to follow soon) Currently, we have 174 classmates who have joined our website. Encourage those who haven't joined yet, to meet our goal of "200 classmates connected" for our Birthday Party!


Order your 50TH REUNION DVD for $5, by contacting Jacci at: or Diane at:

View the 50th Reunion DVD  HERE.

  To view, download or order pictures for Friday & Saturday 50th Reunion events,  click HERE.

(The identified classmate reunion pictures, previously seen on this page, have been moved to our MVHS 50th Reunion Pictures Link)

At the Saturday Night 50th Reunion event, Steve Erickson updated us on our AFS Student, Trish Habgood Wingham.  Here is her complete email:

Hi everyone - I am so sorry and disappointed not to be with you to celebrate Mounds View High School's 50th Reunion.  When I received my invitation it came as quite a shock to realise that it is 50 years since I was racing through the halls  trying to find my classrooms.  i certainly don't feel 50 years older - I hope I don't look 50 years older - but a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then for all of us.  it was a great opportunity to re-read the diary which I had painstakingly written - one page for each day in the year I was with you. Mostly they were wonderful happy times, but a few were sad.  I thought perhaps you might like to share a couple of my memories.

FRIDAY OCTOBER 4 1983:  Today has been the most wonderful day.  Arrived at school at the usual time.  There was an air of excitement because of Homecoming.  The girls were allowed to war slacks, but I wore my blue dress because of the parade.  At 1.00 pm there was a crazy Pep Fest with Gary Downing and Lee Hartmark as candidates for the Miss Kristine Keeler contest.  Afterwards we drove down to the parade assembly in Mr. Conover's car.  There all the royalty and floats were assembled and Kristi (my American sister) rode at the head of the parade carrying the American flag.  I was allowed to stay in the car on the edge of the pitch so had the best  view of the game.  We played the Warriors - remember MUSTANGLE THE WARRIORS - and we won 26-19!

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 22 1963:  Today will make history - President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed by an assassin in Dallas, Texas.  We were in art class when Mr. Erickson came in and told us that he had heard over the radio that President Kennedy has been shot and was critically ill, and that we would hear further details over the intercom. Then at 1.15 pm Mr Kunze announced that we would hear the radio.  Everybody sat very silent and still as the newscaster told how President Kennedy had been shot.  Suddenly there was a break in the broadcast and a silence of seconds.  Then came the fateful news "President John F. Kennedy is dead, I repeat, President John F. Kennedy is dead".  A tremendous feeling of shock, almost like an electric current ran round the room.  The girls started sobbing quietly , whole the boys sat in silence. Mr. Erickson looking ashen  pale leaned heavily against a table. I think Mrs Sehlin (journalism) summed up how we all felt when with tears rolling down her face, said "I can't believe it - he stood for everything we Americans believe in".  It was a sad day.

Those of you who were with me in Mr. Fielder's English class may remember the time my father came over for a few days and visited the school.  We were studying George Bernard Shaw's 'Pygmalion' and my father read Professor Higgins to my Eliza Doolittle - I wonder if that tape still exists!  Following on from that I then sang 'Wouldn't it be Loverly' in the Talent Contest and that was the first and last time that I have ever sung!

Enough of the past - let me bring you upto date on the present.  I re-married and David and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in December.  We live on a farm with 30 acres, we have stables and horses and outbuildings which we rent out as small commercial units.  David also has a 24 hour recovery business and an End of Life Vehicle Licence.  This allows him to depollute and crush cars that no longer can go on the road so he is very involved in metal recycling.  I run a small property management company and together with looking after 5 grandchildren, caring for my 90 year old mother, walking our rottweiler 'Archie' and gardening (I have a large garden which I created from scratch in the english style with a large pond - it is very naturalistic and is full of wonderful birds and wildlife.  I am very lucky to have such a happy life!

Have a wonderful Reunion and weekend - I shall be thinking of you all. Much love, Trish