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01/28/16 12:48 PM #190    


William A. Koentopp

Ever fondly recall how Clubfoot George and his Pickled Foot and Rattlesnake Jake relieved stress from Dick, Jane and Spot early on. Thank goodness for the imagination of fictioneers like Jeff Birch and Bob Hezzelwood. 

02/05/16 01:43 PM #191    


Diane Goserud (Anderson)

Do any of you know which branch of the service William Hill served? I want to list him in the proper branch but I don't have any information. (Services are to be held at Fort Snelling, in Spring of 2016.)

02/09/16 10:30 AM #192    


Diane Goserud (Anderson)

So, Bill Koentopp has done a bit of sleuthing in regards to William Hill's military service:

Kim at the VSO can't divulge any information; only credentialed family members can query, and
even then only with proper authentication;
Ft. Snelling 612 726-1127 has only 5 Hills in the ground; William M is not one; none are pending.
So except for the fact that he's being buried at Ft. Snelling, we still don't know if he was ex-mil?
Thanks, Bill, but I'm afraid we're back to square 1.....

02/11/16 10:07 AM #193    


Diane Goserud (Anderson)

Regarding Bill Hill's military service,  Harvey Lindeman talked with Bill's brother, Ron, and learned that Bill had served in the Air Force.  I'm hoping that his brother might want to share some other details of Bill's life, as Bill's obituary was very brief. Thanks to all of you who helped answer this important question. 

04/04/16 08:41 AM #194    


Diane Goserud (Anderson)

Hi All....  Maryl Marx's passed away early last month. He served in Vietnam but, again, we don't know which branch of the military? Does anyone know?

04/05/16 09:38 AM #195    

Leif S. Hartmark

Hi Diane,

  Thanks for letting us know about Maryl.  Do you have any more information about him?  Is the posting taken from his obituary, and if so, where can I find it?

  I believe Maryl served in the army and saw alot of action in Viet Nam.

thanks again,


04/05/16 01:46 PM #196    


Diane Goserud (Anderson)

Hi Leif!

   I don't have any other information.  Thanks for the tip on his military service. You, Maryl & I shared significant "trumpet history" together in school. Jim Marchand saw the information that I put on our website, on Marilyn (Marx) Mann's (his twin sister) Face Book page.  I can't find an obituary from Renton, Washington where he lived.  I, also, don't know who Marcy Marx was or what relation she was to Maryl or why the memorial will be in Hillman, MN. Jim Marchand gently asked Marilyn if there was an obituary for Maryl but he didn't get a response. Neither Maryl or his sister Marilyn have joined our website. More information may be available after the memorial.

Hope to see you at the 70th Birthday Party.


04/06/16 08:17 AM #197    

Leif S. Hartmark

Hi Diane,

  Good to hear from you!  Thanks for doing all this checking on Maryl.  We also searched for his obit. in Washington and in Minn and found none.  We did find a Marcy Marx on facebook, but not sure if she is related to Maryl.  I might persue that link, but not sure if that will lead anywhere.

  Hope Jim M. can learn more in time.  Hope to see you next time we are in Minn.  Not sure about the 70th birthday party yet, but I will let you know.



04/17/16 01:45 PM #198    


James S. Marchand

Leif and others,

Check this out for Maryl A. Marx's obituary...

Jim M.



04/18/16 09:29 AM #199    

Leif S. Hartmark

Hi Jim,

  Many thanks for sharing Maryl's obituary.  He was a great guy, and I'm sorry to see him die so young,  

07/19/16 05:47 PM #200    


Jon M. Meade

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jimmy Callander. He has always been a great guy and age hasn't changed that one bit. He also is holding his own against the aging process, as he doesn't look a day over 70. No, lol, actually he looks 10-15 years younger than he is. His wife promised me a steak dinner for that remark--lol.

Smiling and laughing helps the aging esculation, and Jim is living proof.

Your buddy, Jon

07/20/16 10:41 AM #201    


Terrie (Hata Rianah) Eager

Yes I ditto that...a very Blessed and Healthy Happy Birthday to you James Callander...and many more

08/28/16 03:47 AM #202    


Jeff Poehler

Many thanks to the planning committee for a terrific class 70th birthday party- I really enjoyed it!!

08/28/16 11:26 AM #203    

Jacci C. Stahl (Krebsbach)

It was a really fun "Birthday Party" for us all - Stay tuned for photos on our website!!!  Thank you Diane for the Website work - thank you Jim Marchand for the name tags - thank for Karen Solberg Solimar for the beautful table flowers!!!


08/29/16 12:52 PM #204    


Gail L. Carlson (Woods)

Had a very nice time at the birthday party! Let's do it again instead of a formal reunion!  Didn't get to talk with half the folks - time flew!  Thanks to everyone on the committees! 

08/30/16 10:00 AM #205    


Robert J. Hezzelwood

So sorry I had to miss out on the fun; book worky stuff here in SW Florida.  Sounds like a good time was had by all.

08/30/16 10:30 AM #206    


John E. Sopkowiak

Had a great time and ready for next year, wish i could have talk to more friends.


09/21/16 02:29 PM #207    


Jeff Poehler

My sincere appreciation goes out to Bill Koentopp for scanning the entire senior Vista yearbook and to Diane Goserud Anderson for loading it into the website – Wow!!!  My family moved to the western Twin Cities after my junior year so I never owned a senior year Vista.

Attending Johanna, New Brighton, Island Lake, Edgewood and MVHS over eight years meant getting to know a good chunk of you all via classrooms, team sports, extracurricular activities, Boy Scouts and parties, but the Vista download REALLY filled in my knowledge of who was doing what in '63-'64. Seems like a lot of those featured in the yearbook pictures and activity staff lists are the same ones organizing and showing up at our reunions. 

So now I have lots more questions to ask all of you about the details of what you were doing back in the day when we meet again. Really fills in a lot of gaps in my understanding of the class dynamics, and a great trip down memory lane – thanks again Bill and Diane!


09/22/16 05:19 AM #208    


Diane Goserud (Anderson)

Thanks, Jeff, for your positive comments! Glad that the Vista on-line has helped your "walk down memory lane", which was our exact intent! Hope others find value in viewing our Vista!

06/14/17 09:32 AM #209    


Diane Goserud (Anderson)

GET WELL wishes to Gary Rolli who was in ICU at Mercy Hospital. (He was in Mayo hospital 7 days prior) He's doing better and anticipates leaving the hospital on Friday! Gary, your classmates are thinking about you and your family and praying for a speedy recovery! (Thanks to Harvey Lindeman for the updates!)

06/15/17 09:53 AM #210    

Karen W. Solimar (Solimar)

Gary, so sorry to hear of your troubles!  I hope you are "on the mend" and regaining your strength quickly.

--Karen Solberg Solimar


06/15/17 08:03 PM #211    


Dennis E. Heine


Put yourself back together, we've got things to do....Wishing you well.


06/15/17 08:22 PM #212    


Thomas N. Montain

Believe in the miricales of medicine, use them and move on. Enjoy as much as  possible. Get well for the summer get-together.

06/28/17 02:12 PM #213    


Richard Harrison

Hello to my friends from Johanna, Island Lake, and Edgewood - I continue to be grateful for being included as an honorary member of the great class of '64 Mounds View.  I deeply regretted not being able to attend your 50th, nor the following birthday party - BUT - after a long probate drag and protracted real estate transactions, I am now relocated to Minneapolis.  I talked with Jacci and she encouraged me to post this - I hope to hear from those of you I remember (and perhaps those who have absolutely no idea who I am).  I plan to see you at the gathering in August.  That will be a particular pleasure for me.  Many years of exile in Texas and family responsbilities have worn me down a bit but Minnesota is rapidly restoring my mental health.  I've had the pleasure of a few phone conversations with Jim Marchand, and Jim - I encourage you to make one more trip up here this August.  I don't want to have to call Guido and Vinney to come get you.  My phone is 214-334-8851, email is  Would love to hear from folks.  Thanks again, Rick Harrison

07/27/17 07:23 AM #214    


Carol Ann Johnson (Nelson)

Visit yesterday with the "girls" at Chanhassen Theater's production of Grease.  Want to report that the following are planning to attend the Same Time Same Place event on August 26th:

Jacci (Stahl) Krebsbach, Tami Buetow, John & Lynne Abbott, Kristin (Stavnes) Traubgher, Deanne (Raw) Mellecker, Idelle (Sabes) Walton, and Carol (Johnson) Nelson

Who else is planning to attend?????  Hope to see you all!!!

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