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06/15/17 08:03 PM #211    


Dennis E. Heine


Put yourself back together, we've got things to do....Wishing you well.


06/15/17 08:22 PM #212    


Thomas N. Montain

Believe in the miricales of medicine, use them and move on. Enjoy as much as  possible. Get well for the summer get-together.

06/28/17 02:12 PM #213    


Richard Harrison

Hello to my friends from Johanna, Island Lake, and Edgewood - I continue to be grateful for being included as an honorary member of the great class of '64 Mounds View.  I deeply regretted not being able to attend your 50th, nor the following birthday party - BUT - after a long probate drag and protracted real estate transactions, I am now relocated to Minneapolis.  I talked with Jacci and she encouraged me to post this - I hope to hear from those of you I remember (and perhaps those who have absolutely no idea who I am).  I plan to see you at the gathering in August.  That will be a particular pleasure for me.  Many years of exile in Texas and family responsbilities have worn me down a bit but Minnesota is rapidly restoring my mental health.  I've had the pleasure of a few phone conversations with Jim Marchand, and Jim - I encourage you to make one more trip up here this August.  I don't want to have to call Guido and Vinney to come get you.  My phone is 214-334-8851, email is  Would love to hear from folks.  Thanks again, Rick Harrison

07/27/17 07:23 AM #214    


Carol Ann Johnson (Nelson)

Visit yesterday with the "girls" at Chanhassen Theater's production of Grease.  Want to report that the following are planning to attend the Same Time Same Place event on August 26th:

Jacci (Stahl) Krebsbach, Tami Buetow, John & Lynne Abbott, Kristin (Stavnes) Traubgher, Deanne (Raw) Mellecker, Idelle (Sabes) Walton, and Carol (Johnson) Nelson

Who else is planning to attend?????  Hope to see you all!!!

07/28/17 11:56 AM #215    

Tamara A. Mules (Radke)


Sorry I won't be able to attend.

Tamara Mules Radke

08/01/17 04:06 PM #216    


Jeff Poehler

Thanks for the reminder Carol, forgot the announcement requested an RSVP via the Message Forum. I'll be there for Same Time Same Place on 8-26-17.  Looking forward to seeing you all again!

08/02/17 09:05 AM #217    


James S. Marchand

Sorry to say I'm not planning on going to mini-reunion.  Wish all who go a great time!


08/02/17 12:06 PM #218    

Dixie Kay Schroeder (Booth)

I will be attending the mini reunion, Aug 26th. Tom Booth

08/02/17 03:02 PM #219    


Claudia S. Carley (Droel)

I will not be able to attend on the 26th after all. Wishing everyone a nice time catching up! Claudia (Carley) Droel

08/03/17 08:33 PM #220    


Diane Goserud (Anderson)

I'm planning on being there, as well! 

08/04/17 11:44 AM #221    


Sherry A. Turner (Oleson)


I hope to be at MVHS "same time next year " reunion. Put me down as attending. If I don't make it (granddaughter's birthday that weekend), have a wonderful time!



08/09/17 11:24 AM #222    

Bonita K. Entsminger

Bunni Entsnminger

I'm planning on attending.

08/10/17 11:19 AM #223    

Ronald D. Payne

I'll be there!

08/10/17 04:06 PM #224    

Harvey G. Lindeman

I  will be there  Aug. 29 th  Harvey

08/10/17 04:41 PM #225    


Diane Goserud (Anderson)

Harvey, the mini-reunion is Sat, Aug. 26th, not the 29th!

08/25/17 11:51 AM #226    

Jacci C. Stahl (Krebsbach)

The MVHS Class of 64 Mini Reunion is Tomorrow - Saturday Aug 26 - 2-6 RAIN OR SHINE 

We will be in the covered patio area at Green Mill - 694/Lexington Ave - 

There are also 2 high top tables inside that are reserved for us!!!  Hope to see you there!!!

08/27/17 10:29 AM #227    


Kristin M. Stavnes (Traughber)

A terrific event yesterday at our mini HS Reuniion. I enjoyed talking to all who attended.  In one conversation I discussed a book called, THE THINGS THEY CARRIED, by Tim O'Brien. I have had to teach this twice in the last two years during my substitute teaching jobs at EPHS.  I think it is mandatory reading now in EPHS. It is a book about Vietnam  and the author is from Iowa. A good book, a fast and easy read.  I recommend it.

08/28/17 11:34 PM #228    


Sherry A. Turner (Oleson)

I also enjoyed the recent mini reunion! I was happy to meet many new faces. Even though I may have not known you at Mounds View, I would like to get to know you now! 

Kris, I went to college with the author, Tim O'Brien. He graduated from Macalester College the same year I did. The History Theatre in St Paul also did a production based on his experience in Vietnam.

08/31/17 04:18 PM #229    

Harvey G. Lindeman

Linda  was  a very happy   and all ways had a smile  and she will be missed    Harvey

10/17/17 01:49 PM #230    

Charles P. Cole

Thank you. It has been a great day for a birthday.

08/08/19 10:11 PM #231    


Diane Goserud (Anderson)


You tell them, James! Shake it up, Classmates! We always have lots to talk about when we all get together at reunions! 😂 Don’t be shy, speak up!


08/25/19 06:45 PM #232    


Diane Goserud (Anderson)

Yup James!

   Time takes it's toll but leaves us with wisdom, experience, skills, (some of us) grandkids, and most important,

gratitude for all the things that have "gone right in our lives"!

Thanks for your website loyalty and continual nudge to classmates to use our message forum!

Hope to see you at our 75th Birthday Party...


Just keep on keeping on,


08/25/19 08:15 PM #233    


Sharleen A. Benesch (Schubarth)

I remember Sister Winifred - she was my first grade teacher at St. John's.  Also Sister Macaria and Sister Avita.  Those were the days.




08/25/19 08:54 PM #234    


Diane Goserud (Anderson)

Hi James....

   No grandkiddies in Asia...I took a trip last winter to SE Asia, including Vietnam and Thailand where I

purchased hats &  kiddy clothes and brought them back...Also, hung out with Thailand's Rescue elephants!

Had some interesting conversations this weekend about Vietnam with classmate Vets. ( MY husband is a Vietnam Vet.)


08/26/19 11:43 AM #235    


Sharleen A. Benesch (Schubarth)


James, Good to hear from you.  I think of St. Johns a lot too.  Really got to know people after 8 years together.  Don't have any contact with most of them tho.  Did keep in touch with Janice for awhile but time seems to go by too fast and things fall by the wayside.  Love living in Colorado - been here since 1966 except for a few years in Houston, Texas.  My husband, Vern, passed away a few years ago from cancer.  Just spend my time enjoying retirement and my son and his wife and 3 granddaughters.  They live in the mountains about an hour away from Colorado Springs so don't always get to see them as much as I would like.  My daugher moved to Alabama.  Hope to visit her in October.   Had a sister who lived in Phoenix so got down to see her once in awhile but she has since moved back to Minnesota.  All my family is still back there and my mom, 93, is still alive so get back there once in awhile.  Little warm down there in Tucson, isn't it?  You must like the heat.


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